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Recipes VS Cooking

One of the topics I wish to discuss is the difference I perceive between following recipes and cooking. Do not misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with using recipes; they are quite useful, and allow someone to attempt dishes they may never have been exposed to before. However, learning how to cook is about a lot more than simply following recipes.

Learning how to cook involves learning why you do certain steps in a recipe. Being told to fry the chopped onion for 3 to 4 minutes on medium heat is only really useful if you know what the end result is supposed to look like, and not all stovetop burners heat to the same temperature when set to medium.

My other major complaint with a recipe approach to cooking is the waste of ingredients that tends to occur. You’ll buy what you need, use part of it for the recipe, and suddenly you’re left with all these ingredients you don’t know what to do with. This is a cycle we want to avoid!

In my blog, I don’t just want to share recipes; I want to help people learn how to cook. Cooking can be a lot of fun, and a very satisfying experience.

And hey, as my dad put it to me back in high school, knowing how to whip up a tasty meal is never a bad thing when there’s a girl you’re trying to impress. And the opposite holds true too (and half opposite – girl impressing girl, or guy impressing guy).


Good Eats Cafe: Great Way to Start the Morning

The morning after my girlfriend and I arrived in New Westminster, we still hadn’t had the chance to buy our groceries, so we headed out into the down-town area to find somewhere to eat.  Deciding we wanted something simple, we looked around until we found this little whole-in-the-wall called Good Eats Cafe that was just opening up its doors for the day.

The menu was simple; they offered a few soups,  several sandwiches, and a variety of drinks.  Inquiring about the soup, we found out it wasn’t going to be ready for another 30 minutes, but the owner offered to heat up a small amount for us, if we wanted.  We ended up ordering the following:

My girlfriend:

  • hot chocolate
  • beef and barley soup
  • cucumber and cream cheese sandwich
  • cappuccino
  • breakfast sandwich (toasted bread, egg, bacon, cheese)
The food and drinks took several moments to arrive, with the owners either letting us know it was ready, or bringing it out to us.  Then, we discovered something fantastic: it was good.  Very, very good.
The drinks, the food, everything seemed to have made using quality ingredients.  The soup seemed prepared in advance but home-made, which makes sense for this kind of cafe.  The cucumbers were crunchy, and the cream cheese was light and tasty.  The breakfast sandwich was delicious, much better then those I’ve had at other cafe’s and breakfast places.  The cappuccino was the right amount of bitter for what I like, and had a very rich, full taste.  And the hot chocolate…hmmm, that was a good hot chocolate.
We were pleasantly surprised by Good Eats Cafe, not having really had any expectations, and strongly recommend it to anyone in the area.  One important note, it is cash only there, and they don’t seem to be open all day long, though I wasn’t able to find any hours posted.