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Where oh where was this little bird gone?

This little bird was busy with:

a) a friend visiting from Ontario

b) a contract

c) housework

d) all of the above


The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is D!!!


It’s been a good past few weeks. Alice and I had a friend visit from Ontario, and we toured Vancouver with her. We even went to Vancouver Island for a quick peek. Apparently my friend lives for the saying of “it’s the journey, not the destination” because the thing she was most excited about was the ferry ride there and back 😛  The island itself looked quite beautiful, from the little we got to see it, and I would love to go back for a few weeks to actually travel across the island. And go snorkeling with the seals! (Lack of money, and insistence that it’s winter and the water would be too bloody cold, prevented that from happening this trip).


Managed to win a very nice contract that lasted a bit over a week; I was reviewing a company’s GAMSAT practice quizzes. Oh memories of when I was studying Nanotechnology Engineering (which in general are not quite so fond, after all, there is a reason I switched programs :/).


Housework is always time consuming, but I got to attempt making a homemade pho soup, which was fun. It actually turned out decently – not nearly the best I’ve had, but something hinting at that greatness I would like to eventually achieve.


Now, however, the contract is ended, the friend is gone, so it’s back into the usual. Forgot to keep applying to contract while working on the other contract, so I won’t have much to do for a while until I find more work…sigh.


Well, there’s always League of Legends! And Mass Effect. I might write more on these later.



Sebastien Rocheleau



A Busy Little Bee is Me

Yes, I realize the grammar of the title is wrong, but I enjoyed the end rhyme.

These past two weeks have been a lot of fun, and very instructive.

First of all, writing is difficult. Not the writing per say, though that certainly can be a challenge, but rather the selling yourself to potential clients. There are a few clients I am waiting to hear back from, including one very promising lead of a job translating between French and English, but so far I have made most of my money writing for a general article mill company. Although the rate per article is low, selecting articles that can be properly researched and written quickly makes it a fairly reasonable source of income at the moment.

The fish in the Vancouver area is excellent. So far we have purchased lingcod and sole from a fishmonger at the local market.  The lingcod was absolutely fantastic, easy to cook and prepare, with a very meaty texture; we cooked it by covering it in bread crumbs and pan frying it in sesame oil. The sole I will be preparing tonight, using a baked lemon sole recipe. I will also be preparing a black rice risotto to go with it, along with some pan-fried burdock root.  These are all new recipes, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out, but I expect it to be delicious.

Last weekend we visited the Vancouver Aquarium, and it is an experience I strongly recommend. The layout of the aquarium is excellent, with areas for the various animals. My favourite of the outdoor animals was likely the lone sea otter in one tank, which was continuously spinning around in the water while grooming itself. The indoor exhibits were also a lot of fun; the tropical area completely astounded me with how well it was done. There is a section of it that you can actually walk through, with various birds, butterflies and apparently sloths (we never saw any) all moving through the trees around you.

This weekend we plan on hiking up Grouse Mountain, a trail nicknamed the Grouse Grind. We expect it to take us two hours; it will be interesting to see how well we will manage it.